Dating Around was an incredibly successful and popular reality show that premiered in 2019 on Netflix. Season one was a huge success, introducing a fresh format of dating shows to the world.

The premise of the show was simple yet unique, with each episode following one single person as they navigated the world of modern dating. The protagonist of each episode would go on five blind dates, with the idea being that they would find the person that is most compatible with them. This created a truly exciting and unpredictable show, as viewers were taken on a journey with the protagonist to uncover who their perfect match may be.

The show was praised for its raw and honest approach to dating, and its refusal to rely on gimmicks or stunts in order to create drama. The success of season one was largely due to its diverse cast, with each episode featuring a unique cast of individuals from all backgrounds, ages, and genders. This was an important step forward for the dating show genre, showing that anyone can experience love regardless of their differences.

On top of this, Dating Around provided viewers with insight into the world of modern dating, something that is rarely seen in other dating shows. In each episode, viewers were able to gain valuable insight into the ups and downs of navigating the dating scene, as well as learn about the importance of being open and honest about ones feelings.

In conclusion, Dating Around season one was an incredibly successful season, thanks to its innovative format, diverse cast, and honest representation of modern dating.

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