Ben Stuart is an American author and speaker who has become increasingly popular due to his book Single, Dating, Engaged, Married: Navigating Life and Love in the Modern Age. His work focuses on topics like finding purpose, relationships and how to handle the pressures of being single in a society that puts so much emphasis on coupling up. It has been particularly popular amongst Christian singles and many of them have been asking if Ben Stuart is in a relationship himself.

The answer is yes! Ben Stuart is currently dating Elizabeth Butler. The two were first spotted at a charity event around 2019 and were confirmed to be dating in early 2020. They were then seen again in public in April 2020, attending church together in Dallas, Texas. In recent interviews, Ben has made it clear that hes very serious about his relationship with Elizabeth and even referred to her as his girlfriend.

Ben Stuart has not been shy about expressing his feelings for Elizabeth, frequently posting about her on social media. He recently shared a picture of the couple and described Elizabeth as the love of my life. It's sweet to see how smitten Ben is with his partner and fans are looking forward to seeing more of the couple in the future.

Its clear that Ben has found someone special and its a joy to see him so happy. His advice on relationships and love has a newfound meaning since hes now experiencing it himself. His fans are looking forward to hearing more from him on the subject in the future.

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